Edgemont Massage Therapy


Helping people achieve pain free, relaxed lives.

We believe in relaxing the nervous system first. Experiences of trauma and stress, whether from developmental years or later in life, can be stored in the body. The mind body connection is extremely important. In fact, it is not a connection, but one. We cannot treat the physical body without affecting all aspects of a person.

At Edgemont Massage Therapy, our approach is holistic. We help the body remember how healthy tissue moves and feels, restoring function and ease. This begins with creating a warm and comfortable place and adding in trained and healing hands. We also teach people the benefits of exercise, proper nutrition, good work habits and a peaceful lifestyle.

Stressful lifestyles seem to be a part of our world today. It is essential to have counter balancing approaches that help a person cope with the current and past stresses they face or carry with them. Our goal is to assist a person in achieving a pain free, relaxed existence.

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